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                     Jonathan Davis

is a well known and respected intuitive counselor who works

both nationally and internationally, in person and on the phone.

He is an ordained Interfaith Minister and holds degrees in both

Psychology and Human Services.

In over thirty years of working in the healing arts, he has seen how many of his clients

regard the subconscious as a mere curiosity, unaware that the subconscious is at the very

heart of everyone's life choices.  Often these same choices are made over and over again--

even when they are not of benefit to themselves or to others they  love and care for.  In

response to this core issueblocking human growth and potential, he has created the

transformative process known as Heart Integration.  This unique approach taps into the power

of the subconscious, and utilizes  it as a pathway to a deep and enduring healing of body, mind and spirit.

Jonathan continues to facilitate workshops, interactive presentations, and support groups. He enjoys working with individuals, couples and groups of all ages. His exceptional healing work is not limited by geography or ability to see him in person, as when shared over the phone, his Heart Integration  process is equally transformative and effective.